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Ultimate Guide on How to Set Up Your Snails Farm (+Business Plan)




Ultimate Guide for Every person interested in setting up a Snails Farm. The Guide is an e-book version of complex training  on farming and step-by-step guide how to set up a successful snails farm that makes profits for you. Many years of exprience of family-owned farm in Poland “Aspersa Snails” teached us what mistakes should we avoid and which factors are crucial in running a snails farm. We love what we do and we can now share it wih you!

The Training part includes the following:

1) Hibernation

2) Awakening

3) Reproduction

4) Incubation

5) The transfer of the pre-fattening

6) Fattening

7) Cleaning, Drying and Packaging

8) Storaging

9) Transport

In the Guide part the future snails breeders have the opportunity to learn valuable hints on purchasing necessary equipment, building reproduction tables,  developing and building outdoor breeding park according to golden standards of Aspersa Snails.

Business Plan part includes all necessary information on revenuses, costs and profits  of snails farm and contains scenario analysis for different sizes of the farm.

Possibile Language of the Ultimate Guide: Polish, English, Italian, Spanish, French



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