Sprawdź nasz sklep z kosmetykami opartymi na bazie śluzu ślimaka.


Beginning of your own snail story…

It is addressed to people who want in the future to deal with breeding of snails, but they consider to start with a small amount to see what is the biology of snails, their reproduction, incubation of eggs etc.

  • 150 pieces of snail Helix aspersa Muller capable of reproducing
  • 1.30 kg of complete feed for reproductors, juveniles and fattening snails after 60 days of age.
  • specially prepared ground for incubating eggs
  • a special ground for egg-laying
  • a container for the incubation of eggs
  • container for egg-laying

Snails are alive and hibernated. Price for the set: 150 EUR.