Sprawdź nasz sklep z kosmetykami opartymi na bazie śluzu ślimaka.


Helix Aspersa Muller – 10 days juveniles


Small 10-day snails after the first feeding, ready to be released to the breeding park in April-May-June. Our farm is under constant veterinary supervision – veterinary ID number 16099233


Contains 110,000 snails – the amount needed to grow 1 ton of Helix Aspersa Muller snails. Price 1000 EUR/110,000 snails, transport included in Europe.

Transport and storage:

Snails are packed in styrofoam trays. In this way, they can be stored for several days in breathable and moistened containers with soil (sour soil!). Then they are secured and transported to the grower on pallets (120x80cm), who will release them directly to the fenced breeding park.

Popularity in Poland

It is the most popular way to start snail farming in Poland. The future breeder, through the purchase of small snails, reduces the risk of investment in breeding – lack of expenditure on the building for reproduction, lack of work needed in the reproduction period, no losses at this stage of production.