Sprawdź nasz sklep z kosmetykami opartymi na bazie śluzu ślimaka.


Professional approach

We offer professional training for new breeders led by our qualified team. Our employees speak several languages ​​and have extensive knowledge and experience in snail farming. Training is therefore a great way to start an adventure in this industry.

We believe that in this profession real experience is more important than theory, therefore, just after passing the necessary knowledge, we move on to the practical part. Beginner breeders have the opportunity to see with their own eyes what everyday life looks like on a snail farm. Before starting their own snail breeding, training plays a very important role, because it will avoid many costly mistakes. In addition, the participants will receive a lot of valuable advice, and the conversation with the trainer will certainly help to dispel any doubts.

We are happy to share the knowledge gained over the years, inspiring people who want to start their own snail breeding. We prepare training courses with great care – welcome to our farm!

Two stages of training

Stage 1

During the theoretical part the following areas will be covered:

1) hibernation

2) awakening

3) reproduction

4) Incubation

5) The transfer of the pre-fattening

6) a preliminary fattening

7) transfer to target fattening

8) Target fattening

9) collection of snails

10) drying and storage

11) transport

Stage 2

In the practical part of the farmer has the opportunity to learn valuable guidance

-pre-fattening methods.

-the methods of fattening and use of appropriate feed

-essential accessories for breeding

If you are interested, please choose the date of the training (we work from Mon – Fri at 8-17).

Duration 2-3h.

Price 200 EUR per person.

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