Sprawdź nasz sklep z kosmetykami opartymi na bazie śluzu ślimaka.


Complete irrigation system

One of the most important elements in snail farming is water, access to which must be ensured at every stage of snail breeding

At the reproduction stage, it is necessary to maintain adequate humidity during reproduction of snails. Water is also inevitable to maintain good room hygiene.

complete irrigation of the snail farm

What do you need ?

However, during the fattening phase of the snail in the field, the irrigation system should be adapted to the size of the field, its shape, and depth of the water source. Our team of professionals advises step by step when designing a slug irrigation system and creating a cost estimate to find the most optimal and affordable solution.

digging a well

What is the optimal system?

The irrigation system according to our projects should make up the right number of spray lines and sections so as not to leave dry spots. The design takes into account the efficiency of the water source, the expenditure of each section in cubic meters, the power of the submersible pump and the number of sprinklers.

zraszacz nawadnianie ślimaków
type of sprinkler

The set contains properly selected: pipes, valves, elbows, pressure gauge, tee, sprinklers, controller, pump, hydrophore.

project of irrigation system of 1,6ha farm
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