Poznaj nasze kosmetyki ze śluzem ślimaka


Sprawdź nasz sklep z kosmetykami opartymi na bazie śluzu ślimaka.


It is addressed to people who want in the future to deal with breeding of snails, but they consider to start with a small amount to see what is the biology of snails, their reproduction, incubation of eggs etc.

  • 150 pieces of snail Helix aspersa Muller capable of reproducing
  • a description of amateur breeding technology
  • 1.30 kg of complete feed for reproductors, juveniles and fattening snails after 60 days of age.
  • universal recipe for the execution of their own feed
  • specially prepared ground for incubating eggs
  • a special ground for egg-laying
  • a container for the incubation of eggs
  • container for egg-laying
  • invitation to visit our farm
  • Year-round consultations during breeding

Snails are alive and hibernated.