Poznaj nasze kosmetyki ze śluzem ślimaka


Sprawdź nasz sklep z kosmetykami opartymi na bazie śluzu ślimaka.


During the theoretical part the following areas will be covered:

1) hibernation

2) awakening

3) reproduction

4) Incubation

5) The transfer of the pre-fattening

6) a preliminary fattening

7) transfer to target fattening

8) Target fattening

9) collection of snails

10) drying and storage

11) transport

In the practical part of the farmer has the opportunity to learn valuable guidance

-pre-fattening methods.

-the methods of fattening and use of appropriate feed

-essential accessories for breeding

If you are interested, confirm the date of training on our e-mail: office@aspersasnails.com